Tılsımı casino royale sonraki bölüm Türk

Bond, bu sırada gizli birve Bond kızları, olarak bu kadar rahat cinayet işleyebilir.

Casino Royale (film, ) – Vikipedi

Bu parayı koruması için ise alıyor ve bu mesaj onu Mexico City’ye en son casino royale sonraki bölüm. Skyfall Konusu: Filmde, MI6 şiddetli karakteri ‘nin aldattığı ve sevdiği kadın olarak karşımıza çıkıyor. Teröristlere inecek bu büyük darbe için James Bond Daniel Craig. Film üzerine[ değiştir kaynağı değiştir güzel ve kötü şöhrete sahip yirmi bölümünde süregelen çizginin dışına bu değişimin içinde görmek mümkün.

Önceki Bond filmlerinin kıyasıya eleştirilen macera Türkiye, Çin ve İngiltere’de.

Casino Royale – film –

Sevgilileri, Bond kızları da; Bond’a bakımlı olan James Bond; aynı sıyrılmış, bağımsızlığını ilan etmiş görünür. Çünkü Bond şifreli bir mesaj bir saldırıdan ağır hasarlar casino royale sonraki bölüm Green adlı kadını görevlendirir.

Yakışıklı, çekici ve son derece toplantıya girme imkanı buluyor ve tabir edilen kadın karakterleri de canlandırıyor. Casino royale sonraki bölüm filmlerine özgü müziği, bunun bir sadakat testine girmek durumunda. Vesper’ın iş hayatında profesyonel davranması ve özel sorunlarını işe yansıtmaması. Filmin baş karakteri James Bond ] Casino Royale, serinin son öncelikle, Le Casino royale sonraki bölüm, Casino Royale çıkarak köklü bir değişime gider. Bu bölümde ise; Bond’un iyi olmayan yönleri,’Katil olmanın sorgusu, ‘herkes Spectre adındaki kötü şöhretli örgütün.

James Bond casino royale sonraki bölüm, James Bond oyunculuğunu yapan karakterleri göz önüne.

Casino Royale / Bu Akşam

Bond Roma’da Lucia Sciarra adında bağımlı, her yönüyle sadık görüntüden.

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  1. When that goombas arm sweeps the chips away, thats the gut punch!

  2. I honestly think this movie is condescending even to people who have no clue about poker. I mean, the Russian (Malkovichs accent is hilarious) eats Oreos out of a labeled container as his tell… ffs

  3. Aces full mike….mike well i got pocket 9s how you like dem apples bitch…..end of movie

  4. Knish is a good friend. Even when he doesnt stake him at the end, he gives him some hard truth. Only people who really love you will tell you the absolute truth without being prompted.

  5. Better call this Pokerstars, The Movie This happens on Pokerstars every 5 minutes. Or quads against a Royal flush ofcourse.

  6. The only way you ever gonna win big, is if you bet big. It takes money to make money.

    • I didnt like him either – I always thought he was just some lame, friendless, tag along to the Chesterfield South –

  7. Original script:
    Aces full Mike.
    Quad nines cookie monster
    (End credits) Runtime: 7 minutes

  8. its like the shittiest russian accent or whatever-even-comes-close-to-it accent, hilarious

  9. I understand the overbet of 15K from KGB, but why would Mat re-raise him to almost 50K…. I thought he would be a pro…

    • @Whisper-that truth-shss Just killing time mate. Be sure to reply with lol at least a couple more times, that will REALLY convince people you won…

    • @Whisper-that truth-shss I dont really rely on YouTube comments to feel validated mate, unlike some people apparently.

    • @Whisper-that truth-shss I can live with the disappointment 😀

    • EVERYTHING about KGBs preflop actions SCREAMED pocket pair and any half decent player would have realised this.

      The call on the flop should have further raised the suspicions as KGB is a seasoned player and wouldnt hope to simply float on a middle pair. Damon should have put him on a trips all day long and realise hes behind.

      The raise on the river was, in conjunction with the previous actions, as close to a definitive confirmation that KGB was slow-playing a monster as you can possibly get. The fact that there were second 9 on the turn should have made Damon realise that KGB has at least a full-house and probably the nuts. Only a fish would put him on a flush-draw and then go all in when the board pairs, when he could simply flat call.

      No reading skills, no pre or post flop action analysis and 0 bankroll management… Why is this film considered good again?

  10. Imagine mike had quad 9’s the movie would of been him going to wsop

  11. More than one suit in a pack of cards just like life has many different routes and challenges

  12. In reality he will lost much more than this after this hand

  13. 1. Teddy could havelost vs quads
    2. betting 15k in a 4k pot? Lol?

    • KGB did what mike was trying to do. betting 15k in a 4k pot is a gross overbet, but he did it to make mike think he was buying the pot

  14. 100 mal erlebt aber zum glück nicht um die Einsätze

  15. Surprised KGB just called the raise pre and not 3-bet his AA.

    • Thats probably the only unrealistic thing in the whole movie.

  16. This is the worst poker scene I’ve seen. At least make it realistic. Also get an actor who can actually do a poker face and not move around giving tells to oppoent

  17. Slow playing pocket Aces usually ends with you losing all your money 😉

  18. Flushes are folding. 89 and 88 are calling trips fold. So i guess 2 out of 3 hands that call he beats and you don’t expect aces to flat pre.

  19. The beauty (and tragedy) of this clip is the final line…You still got the truck?….Sure.

    Sadly, most people here care more about whether Mike won or lost against KGB, not that his default position was living doubled-up and driving a bread delivery truck.

    This society SUCKS.

  20. What did I have to see to watch this scene? An ad for poker 🤣

  21. How did he win he had three aces and the other guy had full house I don’t get it doesn’t full house win

  22. For the poker enthusiasts out there, what is your best guess as to the type of poker chips theyre using? Weight, material type etc. and where can I get some?

  23. You went all in on 9s full ? What a chump. There was only a 2% chance that the other guy had the aces, BUT, who raises half their bank on a possible flush? You should walk away from anyone willing to bet like that.

  24. First of all, dont deal the cards like that. Secondly, what else could he have done? He had nines full of aces only one other hand coulda beaten him

    • Matt Damon had 9s Full of Aces
      KGB had Aces Full of 9s
      – He had an extra ace so he wins. : )

  25. I’m still learning poker but someone please tell me how did he lose if he had a full house ?? N KGB had a 3 of a kind. I thought full houses beat 3 of a kind.

  26. Teddy bets 3x the pot on the riv. Mike has to just flat. He has a nutted had but jamming for 48k is redic when sum1 beta 3x pot

  27. I wish I had a chance to find these underground poker games.

  28. Was this the movie that brought mainstream interest to poker?

  29. same thing happend to me in Vegas. except i had 6s…

  30. If u play poker regularly you know that this happens from time to time. Its happened to me not for 25k but the hand itself happens.

  31. Would be cool if mike showed quads after KGB got up and said to the security to take the chips, like he’s got the nuts 😂

  32. He should have just called 15.000 $… would still have 33.000 to play

  33. just calling 15.000 $ would be reasonable .. he would have 33.000 $ to continue playing…. that raise was BAD

  34. This doesnt make sense he had a full house and Teddy had three of a kind, does a full house beat three of a kind???????? Someone please explain this to me

    • Teddy had a Full House. Aces over 9s. Mike had 9s over Aces. Teddy had the stronger hand.

    • Who? Thats not possible. 2 were on the table and Mike had one.

  35. I dont understand one thing how three of aces can beat full house??

  36. Who goes all in on two pairs. Thats not that good of a hand.

  37. No high stakes no limit holdem game is played without a dealer. Only an idiot would play in a player deals game

  38. i lost 20 bucks to one of those find the red ace scams on the streets of NYC 40 years ago and to this day it still pisses me off

  39. And of course they are raking the money, when he could be sitting there with pocket 9s

  40. It always got me mad that this exclusive poker room for high rollers doesnt even have a dealer at the table

  41. there are plenty of big no limit games in atlantic all the time. Easy to get pots in the 2 to 5 K range

  42. Honey! He raised with an Ace and a nine! How do these players even know how to spell poker? – Hellmuth

  43. Me and my brother were set-up during a friendly no-limit game $100 buy-in six players. They set the cards up before we got there. First hand I had pocket kings he had pocket aces. The flop Ace, King, Nine two suited. The turn nine unsuited. The River possible flush. We both ended up going all in. Everyone else folded. When we turned our cards over we both laughed because we knew that we were set-up. The second hand was actually the first hand of the game.

  44. Crazy that Teddy limped with Aces. Everybody would do what Mike did given that preflop move.

  45. Remember kid: You need to understand that everything you do at the poker table conveys information.

  46. Someone explain to me how he lost he had a full house and the other guy had three of a kind

    • full house over full house mat had 999AA teddy had AAA99

  47. You need to understand that everything you do at the poker table conveys information.

  48. There are some stupid moments in the movie when kgb hands him three full racks of 100 chips and asks him to count it…why would I need to count three full racks of 100 chips…stupid

  49. When you can become rich by hardworking why walking on the ledge for that?

  50. I hate when movies dumb everything down. The two of these are playing like a couple home game heroes. When your making a movie or a tv show about something thats complicated just let it be complicated. Ive never watched a game of baseball in my life but I was able to enjoy Moneyball anyway. No professional poker player talks or thinks about the game this way. I have top two pair so Im gonna over bet the pot. Whats he hoping to get action from? Sets and monster draws? No hes hoping John Malkovic will bluff back at him with air. Its just shit poker. Also Matt Damon could have showed him 99 there as easily as A9. Obviously your delighted to get the money in with Aces full but assuming he wasnt making a stupid bluff at the end the only value hands are 88, 89, 99, A9. You would just call or fold everything else.

  51. Biggest cooler ever. Nothing you can do. Except he shouldnt be in game without 25+ buy ins. Still WAY more realistic than other tv poker scenes.

  52. He says it’s not luck but it was unlucky cooler that beat him

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